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About Us

Preparing Cocktails

The Restaurant


Currently only doing online ordering.  Thank you for your patience.  We are currently training a new staff and booking Holiday Gatherings at the restaurant.  Stay tuned for updates and the grand re-opening of the dining room.

Did you know that you can now book the restaurant for your next event!  

Our dining room is available for events with friends & family or work events.  We can accommodate up to 40 guests.  So, if you are having a party or in charge of your company's holiday gathering, give us a call and let's start the planning!  


Our Kitchen & Bar

Our menus are crafted with exciting flavors from Latin America & Spain along with old family recipes! 

Our unique mixology team continues to amaze us by handcrafting libations with one-of-a-kind ingredients and seasonal fresh fruits & mixers.   


We are proud to support, shop and collaborate our seasonal menus with local breweries, distilleries, winery and other businesses to help keep us all moving forward together! 

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